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Clinical Quality and Risk Management

The Mission of the DBHDS Clinical Quality and Risk Management Office is to ensure that activities to standardize, improve, and monitor the quality of care in state facilities and community programs are coordinated and integrated into primary functions of the organization.

The function of the DBHDS Clinical Quality and Risk Management Office encompasses the three dimensions presented below. Each dimension interacts with the others to create a systematic, organization-wide approach to performance improvement.

Regulatory, Certification, and Accreditation Requirements
This dimension addresses compliance with state and national standards of quality, as established by HCFA, JCAHO, CORE, Licensing and other statutory, regulatory, and accreditation agencies.

Ongoing Assessment of Treatment, Training, and Care
The second dimension focuses on the design of performance expectations and measures, ongoing data collection, targeted studies, and intense analysis of the organization’s clinical processes and outcomes.

Systematic and Organization-wide Performance Improvement
The final dimension focuses on the improvement, design, and redesign of clinical processes; and sustaining improvements through staff education, training, and technical assistance.

Marion Greenfield, MA, MHA. Director
(804) 786-4516

Mary Clair O’Hara, Clinical Training Manager
(804) 786-8271