Childrens Mental Health Awareness Month

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Image National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Children's Mental Health Awareness Month is in MAY!

WHAT: Local events to spread the message to families, schools, health care providers and many others about the important of mental wellness for children.

WHO: Any group (family or youth, faith community, providers of children's services)
that has an interest in children's mental health.

WHEN: During the month of May 2018

WHERE: Throughout Virginia

To participate, you can browse the Tool Kit Resources (found below) to get ideas and to locate tools for planning a successful event in your community. Please tell us about any events you plan by using the event pledge form.

Fill out the quick survey at the link, and we can promote your event throughout Virginia.

Check back soon for a calendar of all of the events to be held statewide.

To register your event with National Federation of Families, follow this link.

Tool Kit Resources
Information on Holding and Event
Finding and Involving Local Partners to Boost Success
Suggested Activities
Promotion and Working with the Media
Checklist and Timeline for Planning Your Event
Factsheet about Children’s Mental Health
National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare Factsheet