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Information for Providers

Guidance for Providers Regarding the Human Rights Policy Review Process

New Providers:

  • The Office of Licensing will  notify you when it is time to contact Human Rights.  They will provide you with the Compliance Verification Form as well as a link to the current human rights regulations.
  • The Provider must develop policies in accordance with the regulations.  When ready, the  Compliance Verification Form, as well as your complaint resolution policies ONLY are to be submitted to the Office of Human Rights, via email to or regular mail.
  • The Office of Human Rights will notify you of the status of your complaint resolution policy within 5 working days of receipt of this information.  If approved, you will be referred via email to your assigned advocate .  If not approved, guidance for compliance will be provided.
  • Your advocate will  assign you to a Local Human Rights Committee (LHRC). He/she will schedule a visit to your program within 30 days of your initial license to review  all of your human rights policies for compliance and provide training on CHRIS reporting.

For Existing Providers:

  • Service Modifications: Please submit the Compliance Verification Form for Existing Providers to and notify your current advocate of the modification. If you will  be providing services in a different region, the advocate will connect you with the Regional Advocate in the new region who will then assign you to an LHRC and coordinate with you to conduct any business in that region, as applicable. Please let your current advocate know if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Helpful Links:

Training Opportunities:

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