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CLAS Academy

Each organization in our system is in a different developmental place when it comes to effectively responding to the needs of diverse communities in their regions. It is not productive to provide generic training on diversity and cultural awareness to staff and in a state as diverse and complex as Virginia.

It is important that each organization be intentional about what training it offers staff. It is also important that leaders design training programs that resonate with staff; teaches specific competencies to fill cultural skills gaps; are relevant to their regional demographic makeup, historical contexts, and clinical or emerging needs; illustrate cultural adaptations can support positive outcomes for specific risk groups.

As such, most training offered by the OHEA is scheduled as a result of a discussions with the office.  Topics are determined based on commitment to planning, need, time available or other criteria. They are offered in combination with consultation related to organizational cultural and linguistic competence planning by request on location at facilities, community services boards, and organizations licensed by DBHDS. 

The CLAS Academy Catalog allows organizations to explore topics in organizational cultural and linguistic competence and begin a conversation about what training programs will provide the best return on investment.  We use the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services as a framework for organizing our training.

Unless otherwise noted, most of the workshops in this catalog are designed to start a conversation with organizations about the potential for developmental training programs that can be instituted in each organization.

Contact OHEA to inquire about workshops and scheduling training and consultation.