Office of Crisis Services

Image contains an image of two females of Caucasian descent, who are sitting across from one another. The woman on the left is wearing dark gray pants and a light gray sweater. Her hands are folded together with her left index finger extended towards the other individual. She has green nail polish. The woman on the right is wearing black capri pants and a black, beige, and orange blazer with a plaid pattern. There is a notebook in her lap and she is holding a pen in her right hand. The ben is dark gray and pressed against the notebook. The background is blue with green and yellow accents. To the right of the image, there is white text that reads "Office of Crisis Services"


The office of Crisis Services focuses on monitoring and evaluating the provision of crisis services throughout the Commonwealth to include identifying service gaps within the crisis continuum, offering strategic recommendations to providers regarding crisis service delivery, overseeing call center operations, and facilitating coordination among various state, regional, and local entities involved in the Virginia Crisis System.

The office of Crisis Services is committed to ensuring that all Virginians have someone to call, someone to respond, and somewhere to go.