Resources for Individuals

Information for Individuals Receiving Services from Licensed Providers and State Operated Facilities

All individuals receiving services have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, to be told about their treatment, to have a say in their treatment, to speak to others in private, to have their complaints resolved, to say what they refer, to ask questions and be told about their rights, and to get help with their rights.

Additionally, all individuals receiving services have the right to file a complaint against their service provider should they feel their rights have been violated. Individuals may also have someone file a complaint on their behalf. Any individual who needs to file a complaint may do so by informing their service provider of the complaint or contacting their Human Rights Advocate. The contact information for the Office of Human Rights can be found on all “It’s Your Right” posters located in each service location.

Important Information

Access the Human Rights Regulations by clicking the link below.

The following link is to a sample of the terms and definitions taken from the Human Rights Regulations. This is not an exhaustive list of definitions. You may review the entire list of terms and definitions by clicking the Human Rights Regulations link above.

The Local Human Rights Committees (LHRC) ensures due process for the individuals within our service delivery system. The LHRCs consist, in part, of individuals receiving services. If you are an individual receiving services, or you know of an individual receiving services, considering volunteering for a LHRC in your area. More information on LHRCs and LHRC Application can be accessed by clicking the link below.

You may review the below Regional Map to identify the assigned Regional Advocate for the licensed providers in each of the five regions, as well as the assigned Facility Advocate Manager for all of our state operated facilities.

HR Access

HR Access is an initiative to assist individuals, authorized representatives, family members and other stakeholders with expanding their understanding of Human Rights. It is important to know that each individual receiving services is valued and their rights are guaranteed and protected while in services.

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