Western State Hospital Rehabilitative Services Department – Therapeutic Recreation Interns

Therapeutic recreation interns will receive experience in the following:

  • Administering TR assessments
  • Assignment to individual cases for 1:1 TR sessions
  • Develop treatment plans for TR service delivery
  • Implement therapeutic recreation programs
  • Document participants responses to TR service
  • Observe/assist/lead various treatment groups in PSR malls
  • Participation in treatment teams, unit programs and management meetings

The TR intern will assist participants in developing skills, abilities, knowledge and attitudes necessary to successfully participate in leisure independently in the community through structured interventions and activity programs.

The TR intern will obtain experience in:

  • Therapeutic Recreation Services: Focus on team identified treatment goals addressing functional limitations, which relate to or inhibit potential leisure involvement.
  • Leisure Education: Focus on development of skills, attitudes and knowledge related to leisure participation and a healthy leisure lifestyle.
  • Recreation Participation: Focus on providing opportunities for participants to independently engage in recreational experiences. Provide opportunities for self-expression and the application of internalized skills and or attitudes within the clinical in community milieus.

Goals and Objectives for TR Intern:

  • Become familiar with facility. Review all pertinent hospital and departmental policies and procedures.
  • Become familiar with patients hospital records.
  • Administer TR assessment, develop treatment plans, goals and objectives.
  • Be able to document participants response to treatment.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of PSR malls and Rehabilitative Services Department.

While at WSH the TR interns will have exposure to various functions of the Rehab Services Department. These experiences will include the following:

Week 1 – 2

____Attend mandatory training required by the hospital � CPR, TOVA, Departmental Orientation.
____Become familiar with the Rehab policy and procedure manual.
____Observe groups lead by recreation therapists and others.
____Attend scheduled Rehab meetings.
____Assist in implementing any scheduled hospital wide event
____Involving all the patients.
____Responsible for daily timecard, obtain department keys, vehicle sticker and ID tag.
____Meet weekly with assigned TR supervisor.
____Complete self-test for affective clinical skills.
____Begin to read charts.
____Obtain basic knowledge of documentation requirements as delineated by facility and department.
____Obtain handouts on medications and side effects.

Week 3 – 13

____Review self-test for affective clinical skills with supervisor.
____Attend scheduled Rehab department meetings and/or other assigned meetings.
____Develop personal schedule.
____Write program description for TR program.
____Attend and participate in assigned unit TPC meetings.
____Interview/complete initial Rehab Services assessment on assigned individuals.
____Attend and report to treatment team completed information at TPC meeting.
____Write TR lesson plans for implementation of activities with assigned individuals.
____Plan, organize and implement scheduled groups for participants in PSR program.
____Plan and implement community recreational outings. To include procurement of money and all other aspects.
____Schedule and arrange meetings with various discipline supervisors at the hospital for relevant information.
____Responsible for following all hospital instructions and the Standards of Conduct.
____Schedule two site visits with other facilities.
____Documentation of participants attendance and response to treatment.
____Evaluate existing programs and newly implemented ones.
____Participate in performance improvement activities as related to the Rehab Dept.
____Provide an inservice for Rehab Staff on an aspect of TR; therapeutic activities, TR for specific populations or diagnosis, theories.
____Research and present case study on one assigned patient.

Week 14

____Finalize any documentation required by school.
____Review final evaluation with CTRS supervisor.
____Evaluate your personal progress.
____Turn in keys, photo ID and parking sticker.

Therapeutic Recreation Intern Qualifications

The intern shall be in good academic standing with their respective university or college in his or her major or concentration. The program is to be accredited by the National Recreation and Parks Association. Interns should have completed all of their therapeutic recreation course work required for their curriculum including an activities leadership course.