Our Mission is to partner with those we serve to promote personal independence. Our Vision is to continuously pursue the highest quality services that empower individuals in their recovery. Our Values are to demonstrate and encourage compassion, self-determination, empowerment, honesty, integrity, cooperation, teamwork, and respect.

Code of Ethics

Eastern State Hospital is committed to providing clinical and billing practices that promote the highest standards of practice. This committment is the expectation of all levels of management, line staff, consultants, and others affiliated with this facility in the delivery of services to our patients.

Standards of Practice

Every patient, regardless of payment source, is entitled to the highest standards of practice in the delivery of health care.

Patient Confidentiality

All staff membes who have access to patient information, regardless of source, have the ethical, moral, and legal obligation to maintain this confidentiality.

Billing Practices

This hospital is committed to establishing standards of practice in the collection of information in regard to billing of services to third-party payers and private parties that identifies and transfers data for services rendered in an accurate and timely manner.

Avoidable Conditions

Avoidable conditions are defined as patient treatment for conditions that are not the result of the disease process, but are caused by clinical oversight, causing the condition to occur. The treatment required for the direct care of these conditions will not be compiled as an RVU statistic or billed to a third-party or private payor, but will be a born expense of this facility.

Reporting Fraud and Abuse

The leadership of this facility is committed to ensuring that employees reporting suspected incidents of fraud and abuse in billing practices are free from acts of retaliation.

Staff Training

The leadership of this facility is committed to ensuring that all staff are appropriately educated in ethical standards and proper billing practices in order to provide them with tools to be in compliance with federal, state, and third-party payor regulations and standards.

Quality of Care

The leadership of this facility is committed to establishing a quality improvement process through monitoring, identifying, and reporting billing practices that do not meet federal, state, and third-party regulations or standards and to take appropriate corrective action.

Compliance Hotline: (757) 208-7933

Facility Compliance Officer: Brendan Tuohy Email: