Material Management/ Purchasing Department

Welcome to the Purchasing Department’s Web-Page. This site is intended to provide viewers with general information on doing business with Eastern State Hospital. Viewers should verify information provided by reviewing prescribing directives, codes, and laws referenced.

NOTICE: In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order 20 (2014) all purchases between 0 – $100,000.00 are Set-aside for Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity certified small businesses. Vendors are encouraged to visit the SBSD website @ to obtain information on certification.


Recognizing the public trust placed with this facility, procurements will be accomplished by Materiel Management/Purchasing Department in an effective, economical, open, fair and impartial manner. Authority relating to purchases for the hospital complex is prescribed by the Code of Virginia, Chapter 43, Title 2.2, Virginia Public Procurement Act and related regulations promulgated by the Department of General Services, Division of Purchases & Supply (DPS), and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS). These laws and regulations apply to all hospital Departments and activities, regardless of the source of funds.


The Purchasing Department is located in the AMHTC building and is staffed by certified professionals who are members of the Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing (VAGP).  The Purchasing Department’s mission is to procure goods and services that meet the requirements of Eastern State Hospital staff.

Director of Procurement & Contracts – Charles Ward, 757-208-7951

Deputy Director of Procurement & Contracts – Jodi Phillips, 757-208-7923

Buyer – Jeff Sturm, 757-208-7957

Buyer – Tammy Griffin, VCA, 757-208-7948

Buyer – Aubrey Dykes, 757-208-7953

Shipping, Receiving and Inventory Control is located in Bldg. 18.  Storeroom staff are available at 757-253-5375 to answer questions regarding shipping, receiving, central stores, and surplus procedures.

Storeroom Manager – Gary Moore


Public posting for Awards, Notices of Intent to Award and other related Purchasing Notices Are posted on the Commonwealth’s electronic procurement website @ and click on the Solicitation and Awards (VBO) button.


All vendors and company representatives are required to sign in with Purchasing Department prior to any visits or contact with Hospital Staff. To Schedule a visit with Eastern State Hospital you may call 757-208-7948. Authorization for visits will be provided by the Purchasing Department with the issuance of an ID badge identifying them as a registered vendor. These badges must be returned upon departure.


No vendor shall offer any gift, gratuity, favor, or advantage to any state employee who exercises official procurement responsibility, develops procurement requirements, or otherwise influences procurement decisions. State employees may attend vendor-sponsored seminars or trade shows where by buying staff will benefit from receiving product information and learning of new techniques and trends. Food, drinks, and give-away items offered to all participants at such functions may be accepted by state employees attending.


The Virginia Public Procurement Act contains a provision in Article 6, Ethics in Public Contracting, 2.2-4367 to 4377. Simply put, any employee who has administrative or operating authority, whether intermediate or final, to initiate, approve/disapprove or otherwise affect a procurement transaction, or any claim resulting there from, who willfully violates this section has committed a Class I misdemeanor. In addition to a fine, a conviction could result in forfeiture of employment.

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