Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

An illicit discharge is defined as any discharge into a storm drain that is not composed entirely of stormwater.  The MS4 program at Eastern State Hospital (ESH) strives to address public and individual concerns on stormwater impacts and encourages the community’s contribution regarding illicit discharges.   The discovery and reporting of possible hazardous runoff conditions is essential to the reduction of pollutants in local waterways.  In order to detect and eliminate both direct and indirect illicit discharges, ESH has developed an Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Program, which relies strongly on regular inspections and public input. If you would like to report possible or suspected illicit discharges, please email Dewey Jennings or call Buildings and Grounds at (757) 253-5277.

For more information, refer to the EPA’s factsheet on Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination.

Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

Eastern State Hospital (ESH) is required to develop, implement and enforce a program to reduce the discharge of pollutants associated with construction activity into their municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4).  Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) and Stormwater Management (SWM) Programs are integral components of all design, construction maintenance, and management of facilities. Public concern and input associated with runoff from construction activity is received by email at Dewey Jennings or by calling the Facilities Department at (540) 891-3000.For more information, refer to the EPA’s factsheet on Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control.

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MS4 Annual Report 2015-2016

MS4 Annual Report 2014-2015


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ESH Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination