Patient Communication

Our Patient Relations Department has a vital role in communicating with patients and concerned parties during their hospital stay. Team members may act as a mediator between the patient and their treatment team, helping to resolve any issues or concerns that may arise. Their primary responsibility is to bridge communication gaps and provide support to patients throughout their hospitalization.  

Peer Specialists at CSH

Central State Hospital has two state-certified and licensed Peer Recovery Specialists available to support clients. Peer Specialists are individuals with personal lived experience in recovery from a mental health or substance use condition, who have been trained and certified to support their peers in moving forward in their own recovery journeys. Peer Specialists use their stories to provide hope, guide others in finding their own inner wisdom, and set personal goals for recovery.  

Research shows that peer support provides an important and useful complement to existing mental health services, and can be especially effective in engaging those in care, acting as a bridge between clients and other staff. Treatment Team meetings can be an especially overwhelming experience for many patients. Peer Specialists can help them prepare for these meetings, develop questions, and identify resources that will support/promote their own personal recovery and resilience. They also contribute to the creation of a Wellness Recovery Action Plan, and may attend these meetings with the patient.

If the Treatment Team feels that they have a patient who would benefit from working with someone with this lived experience through a recovery journey of their own, our Peer Specialists are available to provide assistance, and can be reached directly by phone or email. 

Campus Canteens & S.T.E.P. Program

Residents across the campus can purchase various items from mini convenience stores called ‘Canteens’ that are available in all patient buildings. These stores offer a range of items such as snacks, drinks, hygiene products, clothing, basic office supplies, and recreational items like puzzles and playing cards. Patients can also choose to participate in the S.T.E.P. program, which provides points for participation in their treatment that can be used to make purchases at these stores. The Canteen also provides employment opportunities to patients who are interested in improving or learning customer service skills, computer skills, and working in retail through the hospital-supported employment program. 

Patient Work Program

An individual’s decision to work is a critical component of recovery, and Central State Hospital is proud to have a program that enables patients to do so while recovering. Patients can apply for various job opportunities available within the hospital, such as an administrative assistant in the training department, sanitation area, or food services. By working alongside hospital employees, patients can develop new skills while refining their existing ones.