Central State Hospital believes that family and friends play an important role in a patient’s recovery. We recognize that recovery from mental illness occurs in the context of one’s life, so we plan care to engage not only the person receiving services, but also those close to the person. Each treatment team works actively with families and other significant support persons, which has been associated with reduced relapse and hospitalization rates, improved family well-being, and lessened stigma. CSH encourages family involvement and maintaining frequent contact with their loved ones and the treatment team.

Our visiting guidelines are designed to enable consistent care of patients, and promote a sense of safety and security among patients, family, and staff. Visiting hours vary across the patient care areas based on patient need, acuity level, and treatment schedules. To make the most of your visit, please be aware of our visiting hours and policies outlined below:

  • Visiting Brochure Building 39 – PDF
  • Visiting Brochure Building 94 – PDF
  • Visiting Brochure Buildings 95 – PDF
  • Visiting Brochure Building 96 – PDF

Visitor Guidelines for Families and Friends During COVID-19

  • Building 94 Visitation Brochure COVID Precautions – PDF
  • Building 95 Visitation Brochure COVID Precautions – PDF
  • Building 96 Ward 1 Visitation Brochure COVID Precautions – PDF
  • Building 39 Visitation Brochure COVID – PDF
  • Visitation Letter – PDF