Adult Civil Treatment Programs

The Civil Adult Treatment Programs at Central State Hospital provide services to clients over 18 years of age from the Central Virginia area. The services provided range from short term, quick re-entry to the community, to long term intensive treatment for the most seriously mentally ill.

As a part of psychosocial rehabilitation clients go from their building of residence to the STAR treatment mall each day for group therapy, psychosocial education, and leisure activities.

Adult Maximum Security Treatment Program

Central State Hospital is only maximum security unit within the DBHDS system.

The clients in the Maximum Security Program have taken full advantage of the remodeling of the original forensic building built in the 1950’s. The new space in the unit has allowed forensic clients to participate in the Secure Forensic Treatment Mall. Clients go from their ward of residence to the treatment mall for group therapy, psychosocial education, and leisure activities.

Legal Codes: What Do They Mean?

Most patients admitted to the Central State Hospital Forensic Unit are admitted from jails or courts by court-order. Each type of court order is authorized by a specific section of the Code of Virginia, and determines the reason for the patient’s admission.

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