The Code of Virginia authorizes these regulations to further define and to protect the rights of individuals receiving services from providers of mental health, intellectual disability, and substance abuse services in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The regulations require providers of services to take specific actions to protect the rights of each individual. The regulations establish remedies when rights are violated or in dispute, and provide a structure for support of these rights. It is the policy of CSH that all patients be informed of their rights upon admission and annually thereafter. Authorized Representatives (AR’s) are given the Notice of Rights when they are designated.

  • Notice of Rights – PDF

Quality and Risk Management Department  

The Quality and Risk Management Department oversees processes to ensure patients are receiving the highest level of quality care. This department is also responsible for the identification of risks throughout Central State Hospital, as well as ensuring risks are addressed and mitigated. Performance Improvement Projects are undertaken based on data analysis of quality and risk areas. 

Nutritional Services

CSH provides nutritious meals, therapeutic diets/snacks, special meals or refreshments for patient activities and functions, and professional services by a licensed dietician. All patients are screened and monitored for nutritional health to identify any risk factors that would indicate the need for further evaluation. Individual preferences are obtained as a part of the nutritional assessment process, and are taken into consideration when creating a dietary plan.