Departmental Objective

Our team of 22 professionals is led by Shaun May who has over 18 years of service with the Commonwealth. Our team of professionals understand the impact that facility management has in supporting SWVMHI’s mission, vision, and values. That is why we focus on delivering the best possible environment for the individuals we serve, visitors, and staff members. We strive to provide excellent customer service and proactive management practices in all services we provide, with a focus on fiscal responsibility: 

  • Electrical services 
  • Plumbing services 
  • Carpentry services 
  • HVAC services 
  • Landscaping 
  • Boiler Plant operations 
  • Emergency repair services 
  • Snow and ice removal 

Shaun May

Director of Physical Plant Services

276-783-1200, Ext. 560

Jenny Haulsey

Executive Assistant the Director of Physical Plant Services