Departmental Objective

The Facility Relations Department assists in monitoring SWVMHI operations for compliance with federal and state regulations, laws, and standards in order to promote health and safety, rights of individuals receiving services, and assists in ensuring that services are delivered properly in the context of SWVMHI’s Vision, Mission, and Values. 

The Department is led by a Facility Relations and Compliance Specialist who applies in-depth knowledge of rules and regulations in the resolution of human services complaints and investigations with frequent contact with service providers, individuals receiving services and their families, and internal and external oversight agencies, including the Office of the State Inspector General and disAbility Law Center, for example. 

The Facility Relations Department provides a high-level of support to the Director’s Office and other SWVMHI divisions by independently conducting research on particular problematic issues, providing training to staff, and handling information requests with utmost discretion and confidentiality.  This position also provides the conclusions of investigations/complaints to the Facility Director, DBHDS Central Office, and other regulatory agencies as required.

Cheryl Veselik

Facility Relations and Compliance Specialist