Departmental Objective

The Department of Food & Nutrition Services is committed to providing the highest quality nutritional care in support of SWVMHI’s mission, vision, and values and, the individuals we serve. 

Led by Robbie Horne, who has over 9 years of service with the Commonwealth, the department coordinates all aspects of patients’ nutritional care and provides attractive, nutritious meals made with high quality ingredients. In addition, we strive to offer a variety of menus to meet the preferences and needs of our patients. Menu options include regular, vegetarian, heart-healthy, sodium-restricted, diabetic, gluten-free, and kosher diets. All meal plans include three meals plus a bedtime snack.  We also provide nutritional supplements and between-meal snacks upon a Doctor’s written request.  

Our team, consisting of a Registered Dietitian, a Nutritionist, and Department Supervisors are available to assist patients with any nutritional concerns. Upon admission, Nursing or Admissions staff identify specific needs and assist patients with their dietary requests. The Nutritionist or RD assists by visiting patients upon request to discuss meal and preference options.  Department staff prepare and deliver meal trays, which accommodate the patients’ diet order, allergies, and preferences. The Registered Dietitian, in conjunction with the interdisciplinary health care team, work closely with patients to provide comprehensive nutritional care that will promote recovery. They evaluate the need for specialized diets and provide thorough education for any nutrition prescription. 

Your comments and suggestions are welcome and, will assist us in continuously improving our services. 

Robbie Horne

Food Operations Director

276-783-1224, Ext. 313

Pam Howell

Administrative Assistant for Food Operations