Departmental Objective

The HIM Department is committed to providing the highest quality of service to the individuals we serve, physicians, staff, and other healthcare information users by ensuring the accurate, dependable, and secure collection, maintenance, and appropriate dissemination of information. We pledge to empower our staff through continuous education and upgrading of our skills and thus enhance the quality of our communication, participation, and interaction with physicians and others in meeting the health information needs of the facility and the communities it serves.

Scope Of Services

Health Information Management (HIM) professionals manage healthcare data and information resources. The HIM Department encompasses services in planning, collecting, aggregating, analyzing, and disseminating individual patient and aggregate clinical data. Management of health information uniquely stems from a knowledge of clinical, management, and informatics principles and is performed by individuals focused at the strategic, management, and technical levels.

The scope of services provided by the HIM Department is based upon a collaboration and information sharing format to enhance patient care, with emphasis on the following:

  • Accurate and timely transcription of dictated reports
  • Accuracy of diagnosis and procedure coding to ensure optimal reimbursement
  • Accuracy of record abstracting and analysis for reporting purposes
  • Accuracy of statistical data gathering of medical information
  • Adequacy of medical record content
  • Aggregation of information for medical record review functions;
  • Auditing/monitoring of AVATAR patient information system
  • Confidentiality of the medical record
  • Coordination of commitment/recommitment hearings
  • Patient admission process
  • Record retrieval, filing, and storage
  • Release of protected health information

Bruce Brown

Health Information Management Director