Join Our Team as a Certified Nursing Assistant 

Get to know some of PGHs most successful CNAs who are truly inspiring individuals who have a heart for caring for individuals with psychiatric needs. In this clip, many of our seasoned CNAs explain why PGH is such a great place to work and encourage you to apply at our unique facility.     

What does a CNA do at PGH?    

Certified Nurses Assistants are the eyes and ears for the LPNs and RNs on each floor of PGH. 

CNA’s provide direct patient care according to individualized treatment care plans for our patients. As a CNA you help patients with activities of daily living and help them learn new social and inter-actionable skills in a safe therapeutic environment. CNAs work as part of the unit-based treatment team alongside nurses who are responsible for the 24/7 care of patients.

What’s it Like Being a CNA at PGH?    

In the video clips below, seasoned CNAs explain what it’s like to work at such a unique gero-psychiatric facility, the benefits of being a state facility, and how to join the team.    

How do you apply for a job? 

Since we are a state facility, you need to apply online at the Jobs.Virginia.Gov website. 

Here is the link for PGH jobs – Apply Online Today!  

Call Our Human Resource Department for more details – 804-766-3277.