The ROC (Recovery Operations Committee) meets once a month to set up outings for the patients and address any concerns with patients or the outings. We train all clinical staff on Recovery training each month, which is mandated by the Joint Commission and DBHDS.

The ROC committee is overseen and reports to the Clinical Leadership Team. The membership comprises of a representative from each dept. but mainly clinical staff. People on the committee are selected by the clinical director and the ROC committee once they obtain permission from their supervisor.

The ROC committee goes out typically once a month weather and staff permitting. In the past year since June 2018, the committee has been to the Richmond Science Museum, Richmond Metro Zoo, Pond Fishing behind Building 29, Mimmo’s Restaurant, Sweet Frogs, Mexican Restaurant and to Richlands Dairy farm for a tour, Uptown Alley for bowling, Johnny Rockets, Christmas Light tour of Crewe and Burkeville, and to Kerr Lake for a picnic and fishing and a tour.

ROC Guidelines

Purpose: The PGH Recovery Operations Committee will develop the strategies and initiatives to address the necessary culture change in the hospital and through the workforce to bring a more person centered and less institutional treatment experience to our patients. It is the function of this Committee to:

  • Establish a framework and mechanism to provide appropriately specialized and knowledgeable training to the members of the workforce assuring the members of the workforce have all necessary information to meet the demands of this culture change.
  • Make recommendations for improving the hospital’s program(s) effectiveness to the Hospital Leadership.
  • Serve as consultants to the various hospital Program Teams that they represent.
  • Support and advise the hospital Program Teams on creating a working environment in which staff and patients are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect; and to
  • Guide PGH in developing our treatment philosophy focusing on the Department’s values of person centered planning and recovery.

Nutrition: Patient must have ND3 or ND4 diet and must not require thickened liquids.

ADL Care: Patients must be able to assist with their ADL care. No total care ADL patients will be permitted on outings. ROC does not have the ability to provide total ADL care to any patient.

Staffing: Location will determine the amount of staff needed in addition to ROC members.