Department Directory

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Media Inquiries
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Commissioner’s Office

Commissioner’s Office Phone Number: (804) 786-3921

Nelson Smith

Ellen Harrison
Chief Deputy Commissioner

Andrew Diefenthaler
Chief of Staff

Meghan McGuire
Deputy Commissioner for Policy & Public Affairs

Dr. Alexis Aplasca
Chief Clinical Officer

Angela Harvell
Deputy Commissioner for Facility Services

Cort Kirkley
Deputy Commissioner for Administration

An-Li Glaze Hoban
Executive Assistant

Office Directors

Lauren Cunningham
Communications Director

Kathleen Vaughan
Constituent Services Director

Josie Mace
Director of Legislative Affairs

Heather Norton
Assistant Commissioner for Developmental Services

Curt Gleeson
Assistant Commissioner for Crisis Services

Dev Nair
Assistant Commissioner for Provider Management

Walton Mitchell
Assistant Commissioner for Facility & Forensic Services

Nina Marino
Interim Assistant Commissioner, Community Behavioral Health

Arnetta Spikes
Special Advisor, Plans & Transformation

Nathan Miles
Chief Financial Officer

John Moore
Chief Financial Officer

Robert Hobbelman
Chief Information Officer

Stacy Pendleton
Chief Human Resources Officer

Tanyika Mobley
Chief Diversity, Opportunity & Inclusion Officer and ADA Coordinator

Katharine Hunter
Acting Director, Office of Child and Family Services

Taneika Goldman
State Human Rights Director

Angela Torres
Senior Director of Forensic Services

Carla Zarella
Director, Office of Sexually Violent Predator Services

Jae Benz
Director, Office of Licensing

Kristin Yavorsky
Director, Office of Community Housing

Nicole Gore
Director, Office of Behavioral Health Wellness

Candace Roney
Director, Office of Substance Use Services

Craig Camidge
Director, Office of Enterprise Management Services

Paul Whitchurch
Deputy Chief Information Officer

Divya Mehta
Director of Internal Audit

Glenn Schmitz
Chief Information Security Officer

Robert Johnston
Director, Office of Environment of Care

Shannon Wilson
Director of Reimbursement and Cost Accounting

Alethea Lambert
Acting Director, Office of Recovery Services 

Eric Williams
Director, Provider Development

Andrew Cheney
Director of Facility Administrative Services

Crystal Lipford
Director of Quality and Risk Management, Facilities Services Division