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Code of Virginia Requirements

Under §37.2-416 of the Code of Virginia, every DBHDS-licensed provider shall require any applicant who accepts employment in a direct consumer care position (or supervises a direct consumer care position) to undergo fingerprinting and a criminal background check.  Private providers who have received preliminary approval by the Office of Licensing of their licensing application policies, procedures and forms, may then register with the Background Investigations Unit as referenced below. 

Under §37.2-408.1  every DBHDS-licensed or Children’s Residential facility is required to conduct fingerprint-based criminal history for all employees, students, interns, volunteers, and contractors. The results of these background checks must be received prior to permitting an applicant to work.

All DBHDS licensed providers (Adult and Children) are required to initiate checks of child abuse and neglect for applicants through the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) Central Registry. Obtain the required Central Registry form from the VDSS web site or email

Registration Process

Once preliminary approval has been given to the provider, they may register by completing Form #001 – DBHDS BIU Contact and Information Sheet

  1. Click on Form#001, download and save to your computer.
  2. Once completed, you may either email Malinda Roberts or fax to 804-786-4146.

In the sections below, you will learn how to set up an account as well as how to schedule your individuals to be fingerprinted with the Commonwealth’s third party vendor, Fieldprint©.

Request Fingerprint Criminal Background Check

In order for background checks to be requested, DBHDS providers must have been assigned a licensing specialist and have completed the above-referenced registration process through DBHDS Background Investigations Unit.

Once the provider has been assigned their licensing specialist, they need to e-mail either Malinda Roberts or Belinda Turner to receive their DBHDS’ generic Fieldprint© Code as well as step by step instructions pertaining to setting up their Fieldprint© account. After the provider completes their setup request, they will receive their organization “unique” Fieldprint© Code. Please note: The provider will not be able to schedule any individuals until they receive their assigned “unique” Fieldprint© code.(sample email).

Providers must be registered with the DBHDS Background Investigations Unit prior to requesting a Name and Sex Offender Search.
Please note: Name and Sex Offender searches are not done in conjunction with Fingerprint Criminal Background Checks.
These searches are only requested on Contractors, Interns, Students and/or Volunteers if required by the provider’s policies and procedures.
Include the following in your request for a Name and Sex Offender Search:

  1. Organization check or money order in the amount of $25.00
  2. Make the check or money order out to “Treasurer of Virginia”
  3. Read the BIUSP-167 Procedures
  4. Form BIUSP-167 – completed by the individual, provider and notary public

For any questions or issues concerning the Name and Sex Offender searches, please e-mail Belinda Turner.

Mail the completed documents to this address:

Background Investigations Unit
P.O. Box 1797
Richmond, VA 23218-1797

See Below for Additional Information You Need to Know:

  • Form BIUSP-167 – Criminal History Record Name & Sex Offender Search Request 
  • Attachment 2 – “Barrier Crimes List”
  • Attachment 3– Disclosure Statement for Licensed Private Provider Employees 
  • Attachment 4 – Authority for Release of Information
  • Attachment 6 – Applicant’s Rights
  • Attachment 9– Procedures for Challenging Virginia State Police Investigative Results
  • Attachment 10a – Applicant’s rights and procedures for Challenging FBI Results
  • Attachment 10b – Sample Letter: “Challenging FBI Checks”  

Guidance and Procedures