Developmental Services

Thank you for visiting the Developmental Disability Services page for individuals and families.  In this section, you will find resources about accessing services and supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Waiver Amendments/Regulations:

DBHDS implements quality service reviews (QSRs) through a contracted vendor. QSRs are completed to gain information about the quality of services provided and/or to obtain individual and family input on services provided for the purpose of making improvements in the service experience, and to determine how to improve the array of services provided. QSRs include provider quality reviews, person-centered reviews, individual and family interviews and/ or surveys, Community Service Board Quality Record Reviews, and other DBHDS quality service reviews. Data collected from these processes is used in the evaluation of service quality at the individual, service, provider and systemic levels and to identify and implement quality improvement initiatives. DBHDS contracts with an external certified Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) to complete QSRs, which include provider quality reviews (PQRs) and person-centered reviews (PCRs). These QSRs evaluate:

  • The quality of services at an individual, provider (i.e., Community Service Board and private providers), and system-wide level; and
  • The extent to which services are provided in the most integrated setting appropriate to individuals’ needs and consistent with their informed choice.

QSRs also provide an assessment of whether or not individuals’ needs are being identified and met through person-centered planning and thinking, whether services are being provided in the most integrated setting (appropriate to the individuals’ needs and consistent with their informed choice), and whether individuals are given opportunities for community integration in all aspects of their lives. Additionally, QSRs assess the quality and adequacy of providers’ services, quality improvement and risk management strategies, and provide recommendations to providers for improvement. Results of the QSRs are used to improve individual provider and system practice and service quality. These documents provide additional details:

Need additional information on QSRs or have questions? Contact the QSR Coordinator: