Developmental Services

Thank you for visiting the DBHDS Developmental Services page for individuals and families.  By clicking the areas below, you will find information about the work that is occurring within the Division of Developmental Services, along with resources on accessing services and supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Under the Waiver Services page, you will find information about policies, procedures, WSAC, the SIS®, Customized Rates, and information to support individuals currently on the DD waivers.

The Office of Integrated Health (OIH) was established by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) to serve as a resource for information related to healthcare, wellness, healthcare providers, and health related services within the Commonwealth.  The OIH webpage provides safety alerts, newsletters, health support network and long term care information, and educational resources.

The Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) assists individuals with developmental disabilities and their families with accessing person-centered and family-centered resources, supports, services and other assistance. The program’s primary target population is individuals on the waiting list for Virginia’s Developmental Disabilities (DD) Medicaid waivers.  Additional resources can also be found on the My Life, My Community page.  

The My Life, My Community page offers a searchable website where you can find information about waiver options, providers that can assist with service needs, connection to support networks, and other helpful resources.  

If you or someone that you know is interested in learning more about the resources available to help people in the Settlement Agreement Population access their own rental housing in the community, please visit the Housing page.

The DBHDS Office of Crisis Supports and Services provides oversight and technical assistance to the statewide crisis system of care.  On this page you can learn more about the REACH program for Virginians with developmental disabilities that have crisis needs, as well as access information on other crisis services and initiatives that are occurring as a part of Virginia’s crisis system transformation.  

On the Employment First page, you will find information about Virginia’s Employment First Initiative.

The Office of Provider Development focuses on developing and sustaining a qualified community of providers in Virginia so that people who have developmental disabilities and their families have choice and access to options that meet their needs. On this page, you will find resources from Provider Development including information on becoming a provider, information about Virginia’s Person-Centered ISP, who to contact for technical assistance, and various training resources.

DBHDS implements quality service reviews (QSRs) through a contracted, certified Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) vendor.

QSRs include:

  • Person-centered reviews
  • Individual and family interviews and/ or surveys
  • Provider quality reviews
  • other DBHDS quality service reviews.

QSRs evaluate:

  • The quality of services at an individual, provider (i.e., Community Service Board and private providers), and system-wide level;
  • The extent to which services are provided in the most integrated setting appropriate to individuals’ needs and consistent with their informed choice;
  • The extent to which individuals’ needs are being identified and met through person-centered planning and thinking
  • The extent to which individuals are given opportunities for community integration in all aspects of their lives.

Additionally, QSRs assess the quality and adequacy of providers’ services, quality improvement and risk management strategies, and provide recommendations to providers for improvement. 

Data collected from these reviews is used to improve individual, provider, and system practice and service quality. DBHDS and its licensed providers further use the data in making improvements in the service experience, in determining how to improve the array of services provided, and in identifying and implementing quality improvement initiatives.

QSR Documents

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QSR Reports

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At the DOJ Settlement Agreement page, you can locate the Final Order and Settlement Agreement, the Complete Set of Agreed Upon Compliance Indicators, Stakeholder Group information, reports from the Independent Reviewer, Annual Reporting, and Settlement Agreement Indicator Overview Videos.