Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP)

Program Description

The Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) assists individuals with developmental disabilities and their families with accessing person-centered and family-centered resources, supports, services and other assistance. The program’s primary target population is individuals on the waiting list for Virginia’s Developmental Disabilities (DD) Medicaid waivers.

The goal of the program is to support continued community living.

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For general information about either the IFSP Community Coordination Program or IFSP-Funding, please read our “IFSP: First Steps” document.

You can also learn more about IFSP-Funding by visiting the Resources for Families page on disAbilityNavigator’s My Life, My Community website at

Program Announcements

All program announcements can be found on the My Life, My Community website under “Resources for Families”.

For general information about waivers, independent housing options, and working with providers, please visit My Life, My Community at

Program Overview

IFSP Community Coordination

DBHDS established the Individuals and Family Support Community Coordination Program to assist families and individuals with developmental disabilities with making local connections to resources and supports that maintain community living.

The effort is a partnership led by families that have formed councils covering the five DBHDS service regions. Together, DBHDS and the IFSP State and Regional Councils have worked to establish Virginia’s Individual and Family Support State Plan and to set local goals to support its implementation.

For details about the Community Coordination Program, please visit the My Life, My Community Resources for Families Page. There you will find:

  • An overview of the IFSP Community Coordination Program, including links to learn more about our IFSP State and Regional Councils,
  • Virginia’s Individual and Family Support Program State Plan for Increasing Support for Virginian’s with Developmental Disabilities, and
  • IFSP State and Regional Council rosters

IFSP-Funding Program

The IFSP-Funding Program provides financial assistance to individuals and families awaiting services through one of Virginia’s Developmental Disabilities waivers. Individuals on the waitlist may apply for financial assistance to cover eligible costs that support continued living in an independent setting. 

For details about IFSP-Funding and helpful resources, please visit our My Life, My Community Funding page.

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