Preadmission Screening Protocols and Procedures


2016 Enhanced Qualification and Certification for Preadmission Screening Clinicians –

Virginia law requires that Community Services Boards and Behavioral Health Authorities evaluators who provide recommendations and prepare preadmission screening reports for the courts pursuant to Article 16 of Chapter 11 of Title 16.1, Chapters 11 and 11.1 of Title 19.2, and Chapter 8 of Title 37.2 in the Code of Virginia must complete a certification program approved by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS). These new requirements enhance the standards for pre-service education, specify levels of required continuing education and clinical supervision, increase standards for those who provide this supervision and specify a lengthy orientation process prior to certification. In addition to enhancing the qualification of evaluators and their supervisors, these new requirements increase oversight and establish quality review criteria to increase consistency and assure ongoing quality improvement efforts.

Preadmission Screening Standards

Preadmission Screening Certification- Expanded Requirements Memorandum, March 2016
Prescreening Certification Process, Effective May 1, 2018
Preadmission Screener Orientation Checklist
Certification Standards for Preadmissions Screening

Preadmission Screening Forms

Application for Certification, revised April 2018
Application for Re-certification, revised April 2018
Preadmission Screener Variance Request, revised April 2018
Final Preadmission Form, Revised February 2017
Revised Preadmission Form Explanation