Office of Licensing Contact Information

Central Office
Staff MemberJob Position/TitlePhone NumberEmails
Veronica DavisAssociate Director of State
Licensing Operations
Mackenzie GlasscoAssociate Director of Quality &
Angelica HowardAssociate Director of Administrative and Specialized
Chesna GoreLicensing, Administrative and Regulatory
Tonya CarrLegal Operations
Karen MatthewsQuality Improvement Review
Larisa TerwilligerTraining
Madison FoardReview Specialist
Lakita DoyleReview
Jamie BallReview
Debra SmithLicensing Complaint
VACANTFOIA & Complaint Legal Consultant
Tonia WoolfolkLicensing Office
Monali PatelAdministrative
Kendra Jones-ReedModification
Andrea ButlerAdministrative
Quality & Information Systems
Daniel JenkinsCONNECT System
Lonnie Bell, Jr. QA
Information Technology
Yamara JonesHelp Desk
Ian BlowHelp Desk
Specialized Investigation Unit (SIU)
Kristina McCraySpecialized Investigation Unit (SIU)
Jessica WrightSIU Investigator Region
Pam WrightSIU Investigator Region
Veronica CotaSIU Investigator Region
Amanda WhorleySIU Investigator Region
Travis NelsonSIU Investigator Region
Josie RussellSIU Investigator Region
Gregory RelafordSIU Investigator Region
John TurnerSIU Investigator Region
Lauren AllenSIU Investigator Region
Incident Management Unit (IMU)
Michele LairdIncident Management
Debbie LittleIncident Management
Sydnee WilliamsIncident Management
David WamplerIncident Management
Brian DempseyIncident Management
Jessica SalvadorIncident Management
Lisa LingatIncident Management
Lakesha SteeleIncident Management
Region 1
Rebekah GreenfieldRegional Manager
Leanna StoneLicensing Specialist –
Christopher CartLicensing Specialist
Ryan LongLicensing Specialist
Ann MaysLicensing Specialist
Makenzie DanielsLicensing Specialist
Region 2
Tina Whitfield-JohnsonRegional Manager
Marian SmithLicensing Specialist –
Kiashia HargisLicensing Specialist
Andrew Williams IIILicensing Specialist
Kecia DavidLicensing Specialist
Tantanea WilliamsLicensing Specialist
Region 3
Christine MorrisLicensing Manager Team
Cherie AdamsLicensing Specialist –
Kerri HoneycuttLicensing Specialist
Dale HamannLicensing Specialist
Donna CochranLicensing Specialist
Breanna GoadLicensing Specialist
Region 4
Nanshill WilsonRegional Manager
Likisha FrazierLicensing Specialist
Cynthia “Cindy” GwinnLicensing Specialist
Taylor BoyceLicensing Specialist
Christie WilsonLicensing Specialist
Allison Powers Licensing Specialist
Region 4.5
Jennifer ThomassonRegional Manager
Jessika BennettLicensing Specialist
Vashti ColsonLicensing Specialist
Nicole WillisLicensing Specialist
Tina WilliamsLicensing Specialist
Melonie BeattyLicensing Specialist

Region 5
Elaine MoserRegional Manager
Raecein FlotLicensing Specialist
Donna RossLicensing Specialist
Byron NagleLicensing Specialist
Qua’Shai GoinsLicensing Specialist
Darragh WalkerLicensing Specialist
Region 5.5
Carrie CraddockRegional Manager
Avery JacksonLicensing Specialist
Evmarian “Eve” CabeyLicensing
Kitisha GreenLicensing Specialist 804-688-7681
Nicole BuckleyLicensing Specialist
Region 6
Christine MorrisActing Regional
Kelly MurphyLicensing Specialist
Region 1 – ASAM
Delvonne MajorLicensing Specialist
Shirlene EaddyLicensing Specialist
Region 4/4.5 – ASAM
Dennis RiddickLicensing Specialist
Region 5/5.5 – ASAM