CSB Resource Request Opportunities

DBHDS is the pass through agency for both federal and state funding sources and works throughout the calendar to allocate funding to optimize Virginia’s public behavioral health and developmental services system.

From time to time, DBHDS solicits input from our Community Services Board partners to gauge interest in funding opportunities that either are, or could become available.

This CSB Request page will maintain an up-to-date list of resource request opportunities. CSB leaders are encouraged to utilize the links below to express interest in potential funding opportunities or share creative ideas for future funding as it becomes available. These requests will be addressed internally and response will be sent in a timely manner. The requests will also be logged for further evaluation as future funding decisions are made.

Disclaimer: The existence of a resource request form on this page does not imply funding availability or any commitment on the part of DBHDS to accommodate any request. Further, this is not a funding application process for currently existing funding opportunities. Application for currently available funding is made in response to Requests for Proposal from DBHDS program offices and, very soon, will be handled in the WebGrants application.

Current Program-Specific Request Opportunities:

Crisis Services Funding Request:

In anticipation of new State General Funds for crisis-related projects, DBHDS is accepting funding requests from Community Services Boards for new crisis services projects or enhancements to current services. Distribution of funds is dependent on resolution of budget amendment negotiations by the General Assembly.

On June 15, 2023, DBDHS staff will evaluate all submitted forms based on eight criteria, and additionally consider needs of the location and access to similar services. Proposals will then be reviewed by an Executive Review Committee for final decisions.

DBHDS endeavors to distribute funds equitably and objectively to build an integrated statewide continuum of crisis services including mobile crisis teams, community-based stabilization, crisis receiving centers, and crisis stabilization units to serve general and special populations. Using the link above, selecting the type of project for consideration will open up project-specific questions. Multiple proposals will be required for multiple project types. Proposals not awarded funds at this time will receive feedback and questions accordingly, in hopes that all viable projects will find a path forward.

There is currently no deadline for submission. Requests received after June 15th will be reviewed on the 1st  and 15th of each month.

STEP-VA CSB Infrastructure Projects:

DBHDS is evaluating the prioritization of STEP-VA dollars associated with CSB Infrastructure. It is anticipated that all CSBs will receive both ongoing AND one-time funding (amounts to be determined) to support infrastructure needs related to the Federal Reimbursement process and the Data Exchange Program.

This form is for requests related to specific financial or data-system needs at a few CSBs. DBHDS anticipates having (in addition to the above), a limited amount of funding to support in-need CSBs with critical platform challenges. For example, during our discussion concerning Federal Reimbursement, we became aware of several CSBs in dire need of upgrading their financial management system software.

If your CSB has a significant need related to an infrastructure software platform that directly ties to financial or data management, please provide information about your need below. This is NOT an application – it’s more of a feedback mechanism to ensure we are diverting these funds to a real issue impacting CSBs. If appropriate need is found, a brief application process will follow.

Technical Assistance Requests:

CSBs are invited to utilize these forms to request technical assistance related to any/all DBHDS administered programs.

Exhibit B Metrics Technical Assistance Request:
*Did you know?* There is additional information available on the BH Dashboard that may help answer your question! Before submitting a TA request, please review the BH Dashboard and associated information. The Dashboard has Data Measure Definitions, Data Pull Information (to see exactly what and how data is extracted and calculated), and Data Detail Information (to see numerator and denominator totals by month, quarter, and year).

Still not finding the Exhibit B-related info you need? Please complete this survey to request technical assistance from the DBHDS team.

General, Non-Exhibit B Technical Assistance Request:
For other TA requests, please complete this survey and our Office of Enterprise Management will ensure the appropriate DBHDS office reaches out to resolve your issue.

Additional Resource Request Opportunities:

General Request Form: Use this general request form any time of year to log a request for funding with DBHDS. This request may be related to a specific program or initiative or may be a new or creative idea that your CSB would like to pursue.