Equity at Intercept 0

Equity at Intercept 0

The Sequential Intercept Model shows five points where people with mental health or substance use needs connect with the criminal justice system. Placing services at those points is needed to move people away from the criminal justice system and instead give them the support and services they may need.

This project looks at the first point, Intercept 0: Community Services. Intercept 0: Community Services are developing in Virginia. Across the state, you can find:

  • Peer Run Warm Lines and Crisis lines
  • Mobile Crisis Teams including REACH for those with developmental disabilities
  • Jail Diversion Programs (getting people treatment instead of going to jail)
  • Co-responder Teams (police and behavioral health responding together)
  • And many others!

This project wants to make sure that community services are available to meet the needs of Virginians of color and other minority groups by:

  • Providing training opportunities
  • Increase participation of providers of color in crisis services
  • Increase the number of students of color seeking jobs in crisis services
  • View all crisis programming through a Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) lens
Equity at Intercept 0