Educational Resources

The purpose of this section is to provide individuals, families, and direct service providers ongoing health information in language that specifically lacks medical jargon. Every effort is made to be accurate, helpful and current. None of the information is a substitute for seeking appropriate medical care. The goal is to provide a mix of information in a variety of formats around medical issues and just as important, the preventative needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. If you have suggestions for this page, please contact us by email with your ideas. Every effort will be made to address them in a timely fashion. 

Supplemental Education

The information below is specific to health prevention and education specifically targeted to non-medical professionals.

Seasonal Alerts:

Supplemental Education:

Health Curriculum

Below is a curriculum developed by the Office of Integrated Health along with the accompanying PowerPoint. Accompanying activities and documentation to follow.

Health Risks

Listed below are five common, yet serious conditions that individuals with DD may be faced with. Educational sheets have been provided on these conditions to inform you of the risk(s) and to offer recommendations for care plans you may initiate.

Aspiration: critical riskhigh riskmoderate risklow risk

Bowel Obstruction: critical riskhigh riskmoderate risklow risk

Dehydration: critical riskhigh riskmoderate risklow risk

GERD: critical riskhigh riskmoderate risklow risk

Seizures: Critical riskhigh riskmoderate risklow risk