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Application Step 1: Get a Unique Entity Identifier from SAM.gov.

All recipients of federal funding must have a Unique Entity Identifier obtained through SAM.gov. This is not a DBHDS or a Virginia process and is different from an EIN or Tax ID. Importantly, you do NOT need to register your organization to get a UEI. Getting a UEI, if you do not have one already, is a simple and often immediate process. Here is a helpful YouTube video with all the information you might need. Get your UEI at www.SAM.gov.

Application Step 2: Register your organization in WebGrants

After you have your Unique Entity Identifier from SAM.gov, CLICK here to begin registration in WebGrants. To assist you, this Registration Guide has been prepared and contains an email address if you need to reach out for help. DBHDS will approve these registrations as they are received during business hours. Upon approval, you’ll receive email instructions on logging into the WebGrants system.


Application Step 3: Gather proposal information to ensure you’re ready to apply

We’ve developed this Application Worksheet to help you prepare the materials required to apply. Please give careful attention to the Project Description, the Desired Outcomes and how they will be measured and reported, and the budget information. We simply cannot approve an award for federal funding until this information is adequate.


Application Step 4: Apply for Micro-Grant in WebGrants

After your registration is approved, log-in to WebGrants with the credentials you received during registration and submit your application. This Application Guide will give you all the help you need to complete this task. Pay particular attention to Slide 2 to ensure you select the correct Micro-Grant Program (MH or SUD)


Application Review

DBHDS will begin reviewing applications as they are received and will award funding based on application eligibility, validation of organizational eligibility, project proposals, and expected outcomes. Preference may be designated for proposals that:

  • Foster or enhance new or existing community partnerships with behavioral health organizations
  • Develop partnerships between organizations rather than focusing solely on one organization

DBHDS will evaluate proposals as quickly as possible but this process may take up to 30 days.

Further Questions

If you have further questions unrelated to WebGrants, please email communityoperations@dbhds.virginia.gov and we will reply as soon as we are able.