REVIVE! Trainer of Lay Rescuers

Training Update

Thank you for your interest in becoming a REVIVE! Trainer.

REVIVE! Trainer of Lay Rescuers “formerly Trainer of Trainers Training – TOT” (TLR) –prepares you to become a REVIVE! instructor. This course is 2 hours and covers the administrative requirements to lead REVIVE! Trainings.

Please note those interested on becoming a REVIVE! Lay Rescuer Trainer must meet the following requirements:

Complete a REVIVE! Basic Lay Rescuer training before attending the Trainer of Lay Rescuers training and hold a position in leadership, management, or coordination. They should anticipate leading a minimum of four training sessions within a year. If someone is seeking to become a trainer for a single training, they are encouraged to coordinate with a trainer in their area: REVIVE! Lay Rescuer Training

  • Individuals who seek to become a trainer must complete the REVIVE! Training of Lay Rescuers, facilitated by a certified Master Trainer.
  • Participant must be present and active for the duration of the training to be eligible for certification.  
  • Naloxone access is considered an essential service, and should be reserved for underserved, underinsured, and high-risk individuals.

For more questions, please reach out to or visit REVIVE! FAQs

Training Information

DBHDS Monthly Virtual REVIVE! Training of Lay Rescuers will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 10 am. Please register here.

We will accommodate in-person, group training by requests. Please send inquiries to: