Lay Rescuer Training

Training Update

Due to a lift in restrictions surrounding COVID-19, the REVIVE! program has seen an increase in formal in-person trainings and convenings. However, it is important to follow guidelines based on guidance from the Virginia Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. You may use the CDC’s tool to determine the specific guidelines for you area, which may be found here: Please also utilize the following protocols:

  • In-person trainings are offered by request only.
  • Registrations forms are required when dispensing Naloxone; Registration or Sign-in sheets are required to track attendance when not dispensing Naloxone for any training
  • Naloxone access should be considered an essential service, however, this decision is must be made by individuals and/or agencies they work for.
  • You may still conduct Online trainings (see new training agreement).

For more questions, please reach out to

Virtual Lay Rescuer Training

We are no longer offering bi-weekly Lay Rescuer Trainings. If you would like
to attend a training, please contact you local health department of local
community service board for upcoming trainings. You may use the following links
to locate the agency in your area:

Community Service Board:

Local Health Department:

If you need additional information, including in-person training requests, please contact us at: