Support Coordination/Case Management Manual DD-Specific

Training Handbook

Support Coordination/Case Management is the core service that Virginians with developmental disabilities and behavioral health disorders use to help navigate and make the best use of Virginia’s publicly funded system of services. It is the one service that is of critical importance to all dimensions of the services system. Available at the link below is an online handbook written for Support Coordinators/Case Managers who support people with developmental disabilities. The purpose of this handbook is to guide Support Coordinators/Case Managers in all aspects of their work.

Updated SC Handbook

  • DD SC Handbook 2023 for Public Comment [PDF] Pending final edits 2/27/24
  • DD SC Handbook 12202021 Rev 2 Final [PDF]

DD SC Resources

Enhanced Case Management

Crisis Risk Assessment Tool (CAT)

On-site Visit Tool (OSVT)

Risk Awareness Tool (RAT)