Recovery Blast/ORS Flash

Recovery Blast

Thank you for all your efforts in the field of Recovery Services. The Recovery Blast is a list of recovery events and trainings across Virginia. You can find this list at

The Recovery Blast portal includes the following topics:

1.       Virginia Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS) 72 Hour Training announcements

2.       Funding Opportunities for Peer Run Organizations

3.       Trainings sponsored by known Peer Run organizations

4.       Statewide Virginia trainings of benefit to PRS

5.       Regional Virginia trainings to benefit PRS

If you wish to publish an event or training on Recovery Blast, please see the instructions on the portal (

ORS Flash

ORS Flash are email updates solely from ORS staff.

If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe to the ORS Flash, please fill out the form at following link: ORS Flash Subscribe/Unsubscribe.


For job opportunities and internships, please visit the Peer Recovery Specialist Network site at

Hope . . .  Above All Else!