Recovery Blast

Hello All,

The email communication titled RECOVERY BLAST receives so many requests for publication that we would overwhelm recipients if we shared everything.  That has led to the need to establish guidelines for how we choose what gets shared. 

While keeping the idea that it is totally at the discretion of the Office of Recovery services as to what does or does not get shared, here are the guidelines in order of priority we will be using internally to manage the volume and not overwhelm. 

We will send no more than 2, possibly 3 per day using the following prioritized decision tree.

1.       Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS) 72 Hour Training announcements

2.       PRS Job-Internship-Volunteer announcements

3.       Funding Opportunities for Peer Run Organizations

4.       Trainings sponsored by known Peer Run organizations

5.       Statewide trainings of benefit to PRS

6.       Regional trainings to benefit PRS

7.       Occasionally something about research or knowledge about the field of Recovery Services on a National level

8.       Requests will be collected each day and decisions will be made at the end of each day what will be published the next day.  (Sometimes schedules will cause us to miss a day but we will still keep #1 in mind.)

9.       ORS reserves the right to occasionally break all the rules, as historically RECOVERY BLAST has always been at the whim of the ORS Staff.

All requests should be sent to AskORS@DBHDS.Virginia.Gov.  Sending your request to anyone else may result in a delay or a missed opportunity for publication.  Thank you for all your efforts in the field of Recovery Services.

Hope . . .  Above All Else!


Your AskORS Team (AskORS@DBHDS.Virginia.Gov)