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Welcome to the Waiver Services page for Providers and Professionals.  Here you will find information about policies, procedures, WSAC, the SIS®, and information to support individuals currently on the DD waivers. 


Customized Rates:
Effective June 1, 2017, CMS approved a waiver amendment allowing providers to apply for a customized rate for individuals who meet certain criteria. Providers are eligible to apply for a customized rate under the current waiver system by accessing the customized rate application. Prior to application submission, providers are encouraged to read the provider guidelines which detail the process, available services, and eligibility criteria. If approved, a rate unique to the individual and/or service will be developed based on eligibility criteria and the individual’s demonstrated exceptional support need. Applications approved will be effective as of the date that a completed application is received.  Providers applying for a customized rate must have documentation to demonstrate that the individual (for whom a customized rate is requested) is an outlier to the current rate structure and meets certain criteria as described within the provider guidelines.

Please find below the new Virginia Individual Developmental Disability Eligibility Survey (VIDES).  These will go into effect with the approval of the amendments to the waivers by CMS.

Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS®)

The SIS® is a validated assessment tool for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, specifically designed to measure the pattern and intensity of supports needed by persons with disabilities to be successful in areas of life, similar to their peers without disabilities. A SIS® assessment is required for everyone who receives DD waiver services.

SIS® for Individuals and Families:

Ascend Management Innovations
A Maximus Company

DBHDS contracts with Ascend Management Innovations (Ascend) to administer the Supports Intensity Scale®.

FY14 ID Waiver Community Slots Distribution

ID Waiver Wait List:

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