Community Nursing

Around 1985, the concept of ”person-centered planning” began to replace the 1960’s ”medical model” of care for individuals with DD. Person-centered planning is an approach to planning supports for an individual that recognizes them to be first and foremost a person. The medical model, effectively treated individuals as patients and was, at least in the community setting, abandoned. However, as society embraces the inclusion of a more diverse populace, including individuals with developmental disabilities who are also medically vulnerable, a complete abandonment is not practical, nor is it person-centered. An evaluation of the needs of the DD community highlighted the specific need to incorporate nursing support, and while not a part of the medical model, rarely existed for this population in community. It became part of the mission of the OIH to educate community providers about the importance and utility of nurses as an adjunct to care within the person-centered supports structure.

Registered Nurse Care Consultants (RNCCs) are critical to a strong health support network infrastructure. By providing support to case managers, families, and providers, the RNCC’s assist in improving the way care is being delivered.

Services Provided

Community Education
Health Service Coordination
Healthcare Provider Training
Program, Process & Policy Review
Nursing Facilitation
Medication Aids
Treatment Planning
Regulation Review
Cost Reduction Strategies
Case & Patient Chart Review with Service & Care Recommendations

Our Community Nursing Team

Susan Moon, RN, BS
Registered Nurse Care Consultant

Jessa Sprouse, RN
Registered Nurse Care Consultant

Joy Richardson, RN
Registered Nurse Care Consultant

Marylou Bryan, RN
Registered Nurse Care Consultant

Melissa Blevins, RN
Registered Nurse Care Consultant

Tammie Williams, EdD, MSN, RN, ATP
Registered Nurse Care Consultant

Katherine (Kay) Rice, RN
Registered Nurse Care Consultant

Christine Kocher, RN
Registered Nurse Care Consultant